There are two aspects to a particular event, a positive and a negative connotation. CPEC is being projected as if it has no darker side and anyone questioning it is not patriotic. It is a fact that the CPEC has been launched without feasibility study debate in the parliament, thus deciding future of the nation without much consideration. I wish and pray CPEC proves to be a great blessing for the nation. However, discussions in various talk shows and media columns have created certain fears which I would like to review.

China invested $1.2 trillion at an interest rate of 1.9% whereas, our rulers have accepted a loan at about 12% interest. Secondly, Sweden has offered solar power to India at the rate of equivalent to Rs5.6/KWH whereas, China will provide us for about Rs14/KWH. China is also closing down coal fired power plants due to pollution but we are installing Chinese coal fired plants, old units according to some critics. Yearly profit on Chinese investment will be about 34% to be remitted. Five projects assigned to China are based on single tender basis which means no price competition. Gawader-Khunjrab corridor is primarily a requirement of China and its safety will be a great responsibility of Pakistan in all situations. Its utility may not be cost effective for Pakistan unless proved by facts and figures. CPEC is likely to create problems for Pakistan because of rivalries of large interest groups. Pakistan may not be able to pay back loans and profits which may create an unpleasant situation.

I hope all of these and other relevant points will be clarified to the satisfaction of the nation and will put an end to doubts created by different commentators.


Rawalpindi, March 10.