LAHORE - Comedy theatre in Pakistan is rarely performed but when it is presented it covers a wide range of performances from classic farces to biting satire and musical comedy.

An English musical comedy play titled Date Night directed by Dawar Lashari was staged yesterday at Alhamra Art Council in Hall no 1.

The story of the play depicts events at an expensive mini boutique hotel somewhere in the suburbs of England. Two well to do couples go there for a weekend getaway where they face surprise of a lifetime.

The main characters were acted by five people and every scene has an important story to tell. Shaan Lashari acted as Ferris in this play. Waleed Ziadi as Roger, Mehar Bano as Helen,Sana Jafri as Sally and Shah Fahad as Geoff.

The show opened with the sizzling dance performance of Sana Jafri as Sally. Her acting in the play brought a lot of energy on the stage.

Both Geoff and Roger book their rooms by the name of Mr Smith but coincidently they came for weekend getaway in same hotel and date with their opposite wives.

Seen by a large number of people from all walks of life Date Night was a huge blast of fun which was an effort of director to put up quality productions that do not compromise on the aesthetics of theatre.  During the 90-minute performance the audience kept laughing and there was not a single person who could restrain himself from laughing loudly. The hall was jam packed with the audience who gave a standing ovation to the actors and the whole team.

Date night is a farce which takes you through the story at a very swift pace. It is a musical farce full of punch lines, amusing situations, and fantastic dance performances. The script penned by Derek Benfield has been adopted for the Pakistani audience in the form of a musical play.

The hilarious rendition came from the creative acumen of director Dawar Lashari and Shaan Lashari, which was a treat for the English theater lovers in Lahore.

The movements of the characters have been choreographed in a way that they have aesthetic value as well as functionality. Three dance routines, one in the first act and one at the end added glamour and a quirky fun element to this play.

Addressing on the occasion WCLA Director General Kamran Lashari said that he got lost while watching the play and had a feel that he was standing in the hotel and watching live scenes of what is happening.

“I still remember my nephew Dawar Lashari how he used to work hard and what wonderful work he has produced today.

“From the script to the actors the play was well synchronized and I think such plays should be more produced for the revival of our theatre industry,” he said.

Talking to The Nation Director Dawar Lashari said that Alhamra Art Council Hall no 1was considered as the commercial theatre hall. “In theatre the phenomena is tricky if your play is good, the audience will appreciate on the spot and if the play is bad, no one will come to your next show.

“I went to Kamran Lashari discussed my idea with him and he appreciated me and gave me go ahead to present Date Night.”

“People are tired of attend painting exhibitions on a same pattern and show little interest anymore. So, I decided to organize a musical play with an aim to revive theatre industry. My play doesn’t have any message but it is full of entertainment for the audience,” he said.