Yesterday, I read in the newspaper that HEC is raising the criteria for qualification of being a lecturer from 16 years Master’s degree to 18 years M Phil programme. They have given a deadline to the universities to implement this decision up to June 2017.

This decision of HEC is unjustified because only a few universities offer M Phil and for pursuing M Phil the requirements are to be a fulltime student. People who are doing jobs, especially private jobs, will not be able to study M Phil. In Pakistan, day by day the education sector has been declining and this government’s decision will damage the careers of students who hold a Master’s degree of 16 years and want to join as lecturers in universities.

After the implementation of this decision, the worth of their degrees will decrease and Master’s degree holders will face unemployment. I request HEC to work for the benefit of education. I request the Honourable Supreme Court to take action against the laws of HEC that are working against the development of education.


Karachi, March 10.