LAHORE -  The three-member of the Anti-Corruption Tribunal tasked with adjudicating the spot-fixing matter Monday issued notices to the PCB, Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif to hold a preliminary hearing on March 24 from 11:30am here at the National Cricket Academy.

The tribunal, comprising Justice (R) Asghar Haider as chairman, Lt General (R) Tauqir Zia and Wasim Bari as members, was constituted after the two delinquent players Sharjeel and Khalid, formally informed the PCB that they sought to contest charges levelled against them. As per the prescribed procedure, the tribunal will hold the preliminary hearing, whereas mandated by the code, timeline of future dates of hearing will be decided.

Moreover, at the preliminary hearing the tribunal in consultation with legal representatives of the PCB and the players will decide, when the PCB is to submit an opening brief detailing the claims against the two players along with the evidence to be relied on; the date by which the players must respond/reply to the PCB’s opening brief; and the date of the final full hearing.

It is important to reiterate that the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit or legal department cannot make public any evidence or material as under the code the proceedings are confidential. Meanwhile, M Irfan and Khalid Latif also appeared before FIA on Monday and recorded their statements.