LAHORE -  Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has left no stone unturned to empower people with Chinese language through a validated and sustainable Chinese language programme.

According to PCJCCI office bearers, the chamber has efficaciously conducted Chinese Language proficiency test HSK-level 1, 2 and 3 for the third time. The examination centre was University of Engineering and Technology auditorium where almost 500-800 students appeared that was quite encouraging and heartening.

According to the PCJCCI officials, HSK refers to an official examination conducted by Confucius Institute under the auspices of Chinese government to gauge the proficiency level of Chinese language. The founder president PCJCCI, Shah Faisal Afridi, addressed the ceremony with positive remarks. He expressed that since inception, PCJCCI has been on the forefront to take initiatives that can bridge communication gap between Pakistan and China and that agenda became ardently operational in the form of Chinese language training programme held in almost sixteen districts of Punjab. He appreciated PCJCCI President Wang Zihai for further fortifying this training programnme with his personal interest and insight.

Faisal Afridi applauded the efforts of whole PCJCCI team, particularly Secretary General Salahuddin Hanif whose utmost efforts and verves led foundation for an exclusive Chinese language department of PCJCCI under the auspices of which commendable projects have been executed including the publication of ‘Let’s Learn Chinese together’ book and a dictionary that is particularly an historical milestone.

The PCJCCI president appreciated the participation of students in this important proficiency test. He informed that HSK is basically an evaluation test directly conducted with the involvement of Chinese government. He said that the test is rarely conducted in Lahore by very few institutes but PCJCCI has made it easy for every student learning Chinese language to get registered at PCJCCI and other documentation procedures for the test are also completed by PCJCCI.

The PCJCCI secretary general told in his address that in the ongoing market scenario, competition in Chinese language teaching has immensely increased therefore it’s the need of time to take an innovative turn to make a difference in market. He emphasized that merely teaching language is not the ultimate goal of the instructors from the platform of PCJCCI. The all season strategy of PCJCCI is to add value and creativity to its ongoing plans, added Salahuddin. He informed that number of students have already got job opportunities on the basis of Chinese Language. He said that the wonderful results and encouraging response has made PCJCCI more determined in its goal to foster Pak-China relations within the all cultural, social and regional dimensions.

The student’s response concerning the services of PCJCCI in regards of Chinese language was very affirmative. According to them, PCJCCI initiated Chinese language teaching system at a time when there was very little awareness among people about the significance of learning Chinese language, and now thousands of people have benefitted from this initiative, that is no doubt a worth mentioning fact.