KARACHI -  Pakistan People’s Party on Monday filed a petition in the Sindh High Court challenging the procedures adopted in the ongoing census process in the country.

The petition was filed by senior PPP leader and Senator Farhatullah Baber in the provincial high court and making the federal government, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics and others respondent in the case.

Talking to media along with PPP Senator Saeed Ghani and others outside the court, Farhatullah Baber said that they had serious concerns over the procedures adopted to carry out ongoing census process as it denies the basic right of access to information.

“Not only PPP, but the entire opposition has serious concerns over the ongoing process,” he said

He said that denying access to information was creating suspicions on the ongoing process as several important categories of information had been labelled as confidential in the process.

He demanded of the authorities to immediately make the data of census process public so that the people could be aware of whether their house had been counted in the initial process of house counting process or not.

“We have moved court to immediately take notice of the situation because in case of delay the entire process will be completed and data would be sent to Islamabad without informing people of the data collected from them.”

He further demanded of the authorities to allow a copy of information to the citizens so that they could tally the data at any stage of the process.