KARACHI - The law enforcement agencies claimed to have arrested at least 80 suspects including bandits raped women during house robberies on Tuesday.

According to details, Surjani Town police busted a gang of bandits used to rape women during robberies. Police said that three members of the gang Naqeeb, Naveed and Usman have been arrested so far while recovered weapons and looted valuables from their possession.

Police said that the gang of bandits was also involved in various cases of gang rapes. Police said that the five members of the gang used to rob a house located in Surjani Town in recent past and also raped a woman while tortured her husband to made him unconscious.

Following the complaint police managed to trace the culprits through the mobile phones have taken away during robbery at the said house. Police said that the accused persons have sold out the mobile phones to a man Abdul Hameed.

Police managed to arrest Hameed and arrested three out of five members of the gang. Police have running after the other members of the gang while investigation of the culprits has been continue.

On the other side, Karachi police claimed to have arrested over 70 accused persons in various raids and operations carried out in different areas of the city.

Police arrested the accused persons in some 58 raids while accused persons arrested were including absconders, bandits, street criminals, drug paddlers and other sort of criminals. Police claimed to have recovered weapons and narcotics from their possession.

Rangers Sindh claimed to have arrested at least 20 outlaws in various raids carried out in different parts of the city. Ranger’s spokesperson said that the accused persons arrested were including extortionists and drug paddlers.

The spokesperson said that the rangers conducted a raid in Awami Colony area while arrested an accused Imran affiliated with MQM Haqqiqi running a drugs den in the locality.

Rangers raided in Baldia locality and arrested accused person Saghir Ahmed affiliated with Lyari gang war involved in extortion, robberies, street crimes and other criminal activities.

Rangers also conducted raids in Korangi and Gulshan-e-Mymar areas while arrested four accused persons including Adam, Shakir, Orangzaib and Mehmood Khan aka Lal Khan. Rangers claimed that the accused persons were wanted to the police in various cases of extortion.

Rangers also raided in Madina Colony, Itahad Town and Saudabad areas while arrested three accused persons including Jahanzaib, Kashif and Kumail Abbas. The accused persons wanted to the police in various cases of robberies.

In raids conducted in Clifton and FB Area, rangers arrested two accused persons including Zaiwar Khan and Zuhair Hassan wanted to the police in robberies. The raids have also been conducted in Tipu Sultan, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Memon Goth, Malir, and Surjani Town while arrested eight more accused persons including Abdullah, Stephen, Owais, Nawaz, Hamal, Abdul Razaq, Ali Muhammad and Nabi Bux.

Rangers said that the accused persons arrested were involved in drug paddling and land grabbing. Rangers claimed to have recovered weapons and narcotics from the possession of accused persons while handed over to the police for further legal formalities.