No less a dignitary than visiting Imam-e-Ka’aba Dr Al-Sheikh Saleh bin Muhammad al-Talib has said he is very much pleased to know that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is working hard for the people due to which the whole province is progressing and wishes more successes in the future. 

Imam-e-Ka’aba praised the Chief Minister when he called on him during his visit in Lahore the other day. 

According to the reports in the newspapers, the Imam appreciated the Chief Minister for matchless development projects in the historical city of Lahore and also all over the province, he had visited the city last year noticed progress taking place and has found even more development during his current visit, various people had told him about untiring efforts of Shehbaz Sharif for the welfare and development of of the masses at large, his hard work will obviously lead to progress and development of entire Pakistan. 

The visiting dignitary further remarked that the strength of Pakistan is strength of Saudi Arabia and power of Saudi Arabia is the power of Pakistan. 

The chief minister quite rightly and forcefully responded by saying that both the countries have helped each other over the years during crisis, Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations are above worldly benefits , the hearts of people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia beat together, Saudi Arabia has always supported Pakistan during normal and difficult times ,he personally Is a deep admirer of the people friendly policies of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman whose policies for improving education and health sectors and creation of employment are producing far-reaching results. 

As a matter of fact no words are enough to explain historical, religious and brotherly relations that bound Pakistan and Saudi Arabia strongly and these are being strengthened further with passage of time. 


Lahore, March 11.