By Hajra Salim

Chapter 4 – Part 1

~An old start, a new end

is there anything left to amend or depend on, 

came there my old friends, 

yet another friendship to defend and attend. ~

I opened my eyes and realized I was slumped over my bed as I quickly ran a quick hand wildly through my messy morning hair and stepped out of my pink velvety blankets. I felt a sudden minor head ache but I was as quick as a fox to distract myself and get along with that pleasing warm day. The increase in curiosity could easily be interpreted through my facial expressions when I came across my half-broken alarm clock; after a few moments of me inspecting my alarm clock. I came across the fact that while I was in my deep baby sleep, my mood might have actually transformed from a peaceful angel to a livid villain and that might be exactly when I threw my favorite alarm clock across the room.

“Pretty aggressive” I mumbled in my head. When I was completely done with examining pointlessly that clock I slipped into my uniform, placed a few stickers and notebooks in my bag and went downstairs to see if Mom needed anything.

“Natalie, you are ready, right?” mother questioned judging from the marching sound of my school shoes. Mom was basically looking for keys or maybe her wallet. Sometimes clumsy, I know.

“Yes, Mom. Ready. What are you looking for?” I asked suspiciously

“Nata, have you seen my wallet? By the way, I hired an Uber for your ride to school. You know the repairing expenses and the other thin...”  She was looking under the cushions on the sofas when she stopped in the way between and didn’t bother completing the sentence. Mother pulled her hand from under the cushion seat of a couch and let out a sigh of relief as she found her old brown wallet

“Ahh! Thank goodness. The Uber’s here; go, sit and wait for me, I am coming. I have to lock the house. And Natalie, don’t forget your lunch I made your favorite Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She snickered

“Alright mom. Thanks” My shoulders dropped as I heard what I got in lunch then. I never liked the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. It all happened on a fine calming day when mother made a very special sandwich for me which was actually the PBJ (Peanut Butter & Jelly) one. So, I ate a few sandwiches and convinced mother that they were actually worth-trying & eating. But sadly, they were just not my type. I lied but made mother happy.

“Hey Nata, Don’t stress. I know you don’t like them, so I made you some simple Ferrero Rocher and Nutella sandwiches.” She gave me a look of love and passed a lovely smile which spoke a thousand words. Those words came out of her mouth like magic. One of the most spontaneous and blissful moments of my life.

 Thank god, mother already knows that I don’t like PBJ sandwiches. I literally adore Nutella sandwiches topped off with some Ferrero Rocher. Such perfection! I speculated in my mind.

“I love you Mom! Thank you so much. You’re the best.” I was short of words. I could not describe that how much I actually cared for her and how this sweet simple sandwich brightened up my day. It was majestically ineffable.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 17, 2017