By Hajra Salim

Chapter - 4

Part -2

I was hearing some light and fine instrumental music which travelled through the radio. I was completely off-track and lost, evocating just the past. Not just the past; the past that caused pain. Unimaginable and unbearable pain. I witnessed the fresh greenery I was surrounded by. I contemplated the pre-possessing environment I was sheltered by and yes, it was refreshing. That ride was indeed very relieving and refreshing. That captivating ride from home to school. Those puzzled thoughts I had engulfed by the nervousness I was feeling then and the hesitation I was constantly trying to hide in my voice. I blinked back a tear drop which was about to escape my eyes and convert my mood and also the mood of all those around me into sadness and hopelessness. I distracted myself and I actually did well distracting myself. Another reason for tricking my mind into thinking something else was the anxiousness I’ve been a victim of since the start. I was confused to how am I going to react to all the meanness and rudeness I face during school days.

I entered my classroom and was astonished at what I was seeing. There was nobody in the class and usually at sharp 8:00m everybody is in the class and even the teacher is in class normally. My shoulders were aching because of the heavy bag straps that rested on my wounds. It was almost like I felt lonely. I didn’t knew where to go. I walked the corridors and there was nobody not even a single staff member my eyes came across. As I was helpless and the tear drops just wouldn’t cooperate with me. I innocently went back to my classroom sat at in the last row and burst into tears. I wanted to be alone but not lonely. All the things came back to me; that fight with Laura, misbehaving towards mother, that unforgettable accident, losing the luxuries I were always so proud of, missing every special event going round school, not keeping good relationships and now just hopelessness, helplessness and loneliness. Now, there is just me. Sobbing and weeping in a corner. 

Looking spiritlessly at the clock as I hold my tears back. I startled a bit as I heard loud banging footsteps approaching towards the class as if an army of soldiers were about to step in. I unwillingly looked straight towards the door and saw my class teacher along with all my classmates enter the class carrying balloons and uplifting banners, Laura holding a Welcome Back cake and other hilariously motivating slogans. They all left me in awe and then my eyes were filled with happy tears as I hugged and thanked everybody for such a cordial welcome. I am grateful for what I have and what I once had and I’ll always be grateful for all the things I will be having in the future. Now, I believe everything happens for a reason. If that heart-wrenching accident never took place I would’ve never recognized the real moments of true bliss and peace.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 24, 2017