The sweet celebration- Hajra Salim

A magnificent occasion we all have been waiting for. A festival of giving love and being loved. The preparations of this day are organized with such enthusiasm, the main focus is on family and other social gatherings, traditional sweet dishes, feasting, wearing new clothes, shopping and gift-giving etc. Keeping the main point of helping the poor in mind while embracing it all. I celebrate this day by basically being grateful to Allah Almighty for all his countless blessings and obviously who doesn’t like clicking some pictures. Shopping till dawn to dusk to get the perfect matching sandals that blend well with my dress. Eid is just not Eid without buying bangles from a stall or getting your favourite henna pattern done on your hands. Topping it off with the trendy hairstyles and matching accessories. And lending my mother a helping hand. My main preparations include rejoicing and embracing the spirituality of this occasion along with the social importance. 

A sweet festival - Ashraf Naushahi

In all parts of the world different festivals are celebrated on various occasions. Eidul Fitr is a unique festival as it is celebrated after fasting of 30 or sometimes 29 days. It makes them healthy as they eat less food in this month. Fasting also teaches the lesson of simplicity and sympathy with the poor people who cannot afford to buy and eat enough food. On the Eid-day they wear new dresses and visit their relatives and friends. A lot of people also visit amusement parks and other places for celebration and entertainment. Eidul Fitr is also known as Sweet Festival or Meethi-Eid because people eat sweets dishes. It becomes a happy and sweet occasion bringing a breeze of human harmony for them all. Radio, television and other media present programs about the occasion and its festivities. Newspapers publish special editions. People get together in Eid-milan parties, and even for weeks after it.

Excitement is in the air - Dua Khawar

Last week of Ramadan brings a lot more excitement for Eid than before. I got many clothes jewelry bags and many other items. I am so excited that only one week is left for us to celebrate Eidul Fitr. Can’t wait I am sure you all are exited. Ramadan always bring a smile on each and every Muslim but some people do not have enough money to even drink a glass of water and today my blog would be about the meaning of Ramadan. Allah Almighty want to tell us that how the poor people live, starve, cry but we often ignore asking them for water. If we starve and we don't get water in thirst, how would it feel only for that Allah Almighty decided to make this blessed month Ramadan. I am sure you all would get a lesson from my this. Best wishes for Eid from lots of prayers. Eid Mubarak

Festival of joy, happiness, sacrifice - Raazia Syed

When I look back and recall my childhood’s Eid, I feel disappointed now, as we used to go to our relatives, friend’s homes and play many games on Eid. We used to get small amount of money as Eidi, even we were given five to ten rupees by our elders but that were enough for enjoyment. I and my friends used to go to Eid special bazars for buying eatables like channa chat, pakoray, burgers and different kinds of fresh juices. We used to play lottery games but nowadays Eid festival has become just an ordinary day. On the contrary what happens now, most people enjoy only on Chaand Raat and sleep throughout the main day. Very few neighbors visit each other; mostly go out in the evening in parks and for dine outs. Youngsters get busy on their cell phones, whatsapp and Facebook, life of passion and love is seen nowhere. Our life has become more robotic and fast. Come let’s revive this time, we will visit relatives and neighbors have food together, give Eidi, does not matter what the amount is, but will share the colors of life.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 24, 2017