By Shumail Hassan

Being the natural products of individual upbringing and the experiences, it is absolutely natural to have differences in opinions. The world would be dull and drab if all had been of same caliber and perspective. And let’s face it that none is perfect! We all do have flaws and it’s what makes us humans. Someone has said and very rightly said that ‘variety is the spice of life’. Using your mind and opinions as a yardstick to compare others is a terrible mistake that we should never ever commit. Never find faults with others just because of your predilections. We should embrace the differences whether these are in the opinions, views or whatever because variety is the spice of life. Tolerance is a tool that helps us substantially in becoming more accepting of others and their differences. People are not perfect but we even then can perfect the way we see them. Look for the good things, see the positive aspects and always look on the bright side of life for it is and has been a trait of great men. The people who settle themselves or adapt to the new environs are rare. So be rare and be great. Practice empathy, don’t be quick in judgments and envision life in others’ shoes before you treat them unfairly just on the basis of social, intellectual or other self-made differences. Social adaptations are important in surviving the life. Just learn to embrace the differences otherwise the world would be full of chaos and confusion. And eradicating these flimsy differences would make this world a worldly heaven to live on!

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 10, 2017