By Sumaiya Syed

The most welcomed guest ever, Ramadan, is here!

Here is a list of things school-going kids can do to make their Ramadan special, and InshaAllah the best Ramadan of their lives up till now:

1.     Cut down on entertainment (video games, novels, music etc) and instead use this precious time for zikr and ‘ibadah. There a lot of daily azkaar which can be recited while you’re on your bed, just sitting, while in the kitchen, on the road, anywhere!

2.     Learn du’as: what is written on the du’a books should be inside our hearts as well so we can continuously recite them and make use of them wherever we may be.

3.     Plan a nice time table: Instead of being awake the whole night, it is better for us that we sleep after taraweeh, and wake up early before suhoor. The extra effort that comes with waking in the early hours after sleeping, forms the essence of qiyam-ul-layl (being up at night for ‘ibadah), and brings more ajar with it. Do sleep through the day in these long fasts but don’t let that hinder your prayers.

4.     Be kind to your parents and siblings: Don’t nag your mother about how you only want a certain dish at iftar. Instead try helping her with the iftar. It’s her fast as well, and your opportunity to gain sawaab. Be nice to your siblings, don’t fight and argue with them, and Allah SWT will give you extra ajar for it!

5.     Read the stories of the Prophets: This will rekindle the love of Allah and Allah’s message in your hearts, AND these are so interesting!

Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 3, 2017