By Ayesha Salim

Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Ayesha, her sister {Hajra} had a great passion of writing she wrote many articles and many book reviews. Ayesha was a great story teller one day her sister wrote in a magazine. Ayesha asked her sister if she could read the topics she said you can of course. She read some of the topics and asked if she could write stories, Hajra motivated Ayesha in realizing that writing was really a thing for her. So, Hajra gave her a taskto think a topic right at that exact moment. After sometime they decided that the topic will be “Never disobey your parents.” Hajra said, “Well tell me the story” and she started to write the story on a page and from now Ayesha is very passionate about story writing and is working very hard. From that time she has written many stories like “Education a service to humanity”,”23 March”, “The Crow ”etc. Many poems and much articles.

This was the story of my life.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 17, 2017