There are approximately a billion and one ways of dealing with our major food waste problem. The newest trend: Some creative grad students in Sweden’s Lund University Food Innovation and Product Design program have found another way to avoid dumping expiring fruits and veggies into the compost bin — by powdering it. FoPo Food Powders, funded through Kickstarter this year, partners with farmers and food retailers to give their expiring fruits and veggies a new life. The company freeze-dries, pulverizes, and packages them into produce powders. The students want their non-perishable powders to go where they’re most needed: to relief efforts and areas with low food access. The group has reportedly gotten support from senators in the Philippines, and they’re about to start working with the UN’s Initiative on Food Loss and Waste, to try to reach more people and countries that could benefit. To broaden their reach, they’re also working with commercial distributors and manufacturers that want to use FoPo in their food products, like cake mixes and ice cream. Consumers can also sprinkle it into food or drinks, or use it in baking.


 Published in Young Nation on June 24, 2017