By Sabene Rizvi

Once in the kingdom of secrest there were three mice. One day, one of the mice, Sebastian invited his friends over to his house, his friends were shocked as there was no furniture at all, he had them sit on the floor. One friend named Tom asked, where is your furniture? Did it get stolen? Sebastian replied, “No, every penny we spend is a waste except for when we spend money on food”. The other friend named, Kevin said, “You’re a greedy mouse, you should come to my house”. The next day, Tom and Sebastian went to Kevin’s house, they both were shocked as the house was decorated with gold and diamonds. Sebastian immediately said, “You're a huge spender”. Tom said, “Come to my house tomorrow” while grabbing a drink and talking to his friends. So the next day Sebastian and Kevin went to Tom’s house and they both were surprised as Tom had furniture and had not covered his house in gold and diamonds either. Both of them said, “You are not like him”. Tom replied, “It is important, not to be greedy or to be a huge spender. You should be able to comfort your guests and also not to show off”.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 24, 2017