By Urooj Fatima

Mother is not only a word but this word in itself embraces a sea of affection, love and sacrifice. Whenever this word is used or heard it spreads the fragrance of love, care and devotion. When a living being comes under a mother’s shadow, it creates a strange bond of relation that draws a cool shelter, a soothing effect that saves him from all kinds’ sufferings, pains and troubles. The greatness of motherhood is evident not only in mankind but in animals birds, insects and even in tiny creatures of this world.

The ferocious animal like a lioness too faster its cubs with such warmth and care that it reflects the deep affection of a motherhood .The little birds when turn into mothers, their care; love is visionary with the building of nests till the catching and fetching of little worms into their beaks. They work hard to nourish their babies, protect them from harm and rear them and when it comes to mankind, the supreme examples of mothers’ commitment to their off- springs become distinct and obvious. When a crying baby comes into the lap of his mother, he becomes so comfortable, secured and at ease that he forgets crying and goes to sleep. And this remains a natural process all though his life. When everyone deserts you in trouble, and your heart is filled with despair, she’s the one that gives you glimpse of hope. Her nursing plays best cure to all your physical and spiritual illnesses. She is the one who could peep into your soul. Seeing your face, she could go into your heart. Her harsh words of reprimands protect you from several evils .It is therefore said,” A mother’s lap is the first academy of a child”. No doubt it is a mother’s training that teaches a man when and where to stand firm and at what point to surrender.

In other words caring for his mother is also a way for a man to serve God. We are however, the sinful people even our prophets had been the seekers of mother’s prayers. As the prayers of a mother goes directly to heaven and listened by God. The water of Zam Zam is also a product of the prayers of a mother.

Paying tribute to mothers on 14th May has become a custom and norm of todays world, yet no medal on earth is equal to her worth. And we being Muslims owe and indebted to our mothers from our first breath till the last breath of our life. Therefore we cannot dedicate only one day of a year to our mothers but our whole life is revered to our mothers.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on May 13, 2017