This is reference to temporary relief given by SC of Pakistan to five Senators whose notification was initially withheld for allegedly possessing dual nationalities. National security, state sovereignty and public interest cannot be compromised by allowing individuals who have sworn an oath of loyalty to another country, posses a green card or other immigration status such as Iqama, entitling them to open a bank account. It must be verified that such individuals have no criminal record in Pakistan or abroad where they lived for more than two years. 

Enough damage has been done to Quaid’s Pakistan by greed of few men/women with split loyalties, for whom this country is an ideal place to hold public office, but not one in which they have faith, and whose future in their assessment is not safe for their children or assets to be located in. The SC of Pakistan must ensure that all parliamentarians have undivided loyalty to this country and are willing to stake their destiny and fate with that of Pakistan. All those who have previously held other nationalities must give a solemn pledge that they will never, ever again, seek any other nationality, and will declare all their assets owned by themselves or members of their family. 

Any person who has held a foreign passport must only be allowed to contest elections or hold any public office after at least two years have elapsed from date on which they revoked their foreign nationality permanently and give an undertaking with copy to competent authority of their former country whose nationality they took, that they will never again seek it. 


Lahore, March 10.