Lahore - Former cricketer Ramiz Raja has said that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) should try to make the league successful with local players instead of relying on the foreign cricketers.

Talking to media here at the Gaddafi Stadium, Raja said: “There is a dire need to improve the standard of domestic cricket and try to produce high-quality players, as it is the only viable solution to make the PSL successful and bring it to Pakistan completely. If the PCB succeeds in doing so, the absence of international players then wouldn’t matter. And even then they come and play in Pakistan, then we should be grateful to them.”

The cricketer–turned-commenter said he is very glad to see that Pakistan is hosting Pakistan Super League matches.

“With PSL matches, the stadiums are populated and cricket-crazy nation is out to see and support their favourite players and ultimately, they are supporting Pakistan cricket and want to see full-fledged international cricket back in Pakistan.”

“See the passion of Pakistani cricket lovers as they are present here in great numbers and have made the house full. This is the passion which will surely help in bringing more and more international cricket in Pakistan and soon full-fledged international cricket series will be played here,” he added. “Our armed forces and government have worked really hard to get rid of curse of terrorism and to larger extent, they have succeeded in achieving their task. With the all-out support of armed forces and government, these matches are being organised and hopefully, these would be conducted in the best possible manner. Similarly, Karachi will also host the PSL final in the trend-setting manner and it will help bring full-fledged cricket to Pakistan,” he added.