By Raazia Syed

Shakespeare wrote in one of his play named “Romeo and Juliet”,  “What is in the name?

Roses are sweet gift from nature, none of the flowers can be sweet and gentle like the rose. It is estimated that roses are on this earth since three and a half million years. There are 20 thousands species of roses in all over the world.

First it was cultivated in China and after that it was found in Middle East and Asia. American Congress and Former president Reagan declared rose as a national flower of America in 1986, moreover Holland is known for its roses as it is the largest country that produces roses and exports them. Once in India over 3,000 roses were placed in an exhibition. 

Roses are found in different colors, like red,white,yellow, pink and black. In our country, roses are being cultivated in Lahore, Thatta and Chuha Saiden Shah, these cities are famous for their beautiful and fresh rose flowers.

Roses are not only used in flower arrangements for functions and ceremonies but also they are beneficial for our health such as it overcomes bad mouth smell and heals all mouth wounds.

In cosmetics its petals are also used, rose oil is essential element for preparing perfumes.

Many artists dry its petals and make their paintings more beautiful and more meaningful.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 17, 2017