BHALWAL-Water, contaminated with faecal material and filth, is being supplied to the citizens in Bhalwal thanks to broken main pipelines at Rajbah near Children Park.

Substandard pipes were installed for water supply by the government contractors with connivance of the commission mafia which awards contracts to their near and dear ones. Sun Construction Company working near Children Park at Rajbah has broken again the main pipeline providing water to the residents due to inept and inexperienced employees during work. The local government has held the company responsible for the loss. Lack of supervision of PMDFC supervisor was also the reason of damage of water supply pipe lines time and again. The filthy water causes numerous health issues including hepatitis, diarrhoea, dysentery, stunting growth in tykes etc. the people requested to the Punjab government to take urgent measures for revamping the defective pipelines.-Staff Reporter

They also demanded strict action against the corrupt contractors and others who used substandard pipes.