By Mahnoor Sajid

Once upon a time there was a very kind and helpful king. He treated everyone in a good manner. He didn't compare differences in rich and poor people. His wife the queen was also the same type of a person with a good heart. They had two daughters and one son. Their daughters were married and stayed in their in-laws house. Only their son was staying with them. He was a selfish and ill-mannered person. He thought being royal and rich is all that matters. He thought he was a high standard person while the others were cheap and low standard. One day his parents went on a boat ride and left him in charge of the kingdom. He didn't care about others feelings and he really wanted to rule so he finally got his chance.

The captain of the ship warned king and queen about the turbulent sea, but they took his warning lightly and asked, “It's okay it wouldn't hurt us. Would it?” The captain replied I'm not sure your highnesses. They said it's okay and went on the voyage. Soon it got late and lightning started and the boat started tearing off but no one noticed as they were busy in talking even the captain didn't know. No one had a clue about the pieces falling, until a very big piece fell off. The boat broke and sank. The king, queen, captain and servants in the boat died. Back at the kingdom their son was busy in mischief and talking to his friends when he got a phone call from the hospital. First he ignored and ended the call but he got a call again so he answered. When he answered the call he heard that the doctors had tried their best but his parents died. He was confused and asked how did they die what happened ? The doctor narrated the whole situation, your parents were on a boat ride due to lightning their boat sank and you know what that leaded to and I feel very sorry  for you. He was sad but he was the new king his dream came true but by ruling he didn't want his parents to die. He wanted them to give the job of ruling to him while they were still alive.

After a few months he got over it and thought that he was the ruler. He was very selfish unlike his parents so he never solved problems of people. He never treated anyone kindly except for his friends and extremely rich people. He treated poor people like they were invisible and he never even gave them a quarter or a penny. He was so rude that people actually didn't want him to rule. Nobody liked him, talked to him, asked him to solve problems, took advice for him or even helped him. It wasn't like he minded. He didn't care if people liked him or not but nevertheless he didn't act nice to his own sisters. He never met them or invited them. One day there was a meeting of people. Whoever wanted to come could, except for the king. So all the people came and talked about their complaints about the new king and decided to tell in court. The next day they all went to the court and complained. With all these people they called him and all three judges declared him guilty. They told him he was no longer the king but he said no you can't do this. These are all lies. I have never been rude, but too bad, nobody believed him and from that day onwards he was not the king and people weren't treated like dirt piles.

 Moral : Don't be rude always have a good heart. 

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on June 24, 2017