Several key issues were addressed in the recent meeting of the Cabinet of Pakistan. These core issues will now determine the direction which the new government wishes to pursue. The first major policy direction pointed out by the government was the selling off of properties and assets of different politicians which have been taken over by the government. The aim is to generate revenue to close the economic gap. While this policy is certainly in line with the austerity principle of the government, there is also a need to identify how revenue generation will be shaped in the next couple of years. If the focus remains on immediate revenue generation then there is a fair chance this will subdue innovation along with establishing legal and continuous revenue generation channels. The most imminent threat to this policy is its lack of sustenance: the selling assets without liquidation will not be smooth- this will only pass on the problem of an ailing economy from one government to the next.

Another pressing issue that the government addressed was inflation of gas prices. Common household consumers have been hit the hardest. It is only the result of lack of identification in the case of the gas industry where there is certainly a need to bridge the gap between costs and profits but the outpour of making amends should not only be the job of the average consumer, who is already marginalised. Perhaps these are areas where the government needs to identify mechanisms to expand the tax base of the country so that only a limited few do not bear the burden of the national exchequer.

Regarding the recent controversy surrounding the chairmanship of PTV, the Cabinet highlighted how federal ministers are empowered to appoint heads of public organisations. This will give a sense of direction to this dispute and thankfully, work related to reforms in the PTV should no longer be delayed with the resolve of this crisis. The national television channel needs to adapt to the changing media strategies - not just nationally but globally as well.

Lastly, the presence of PTI leader Jehangir Khan Tareen was a bone of contention between the government and the opposition. The government now needs to focus on coordinating the efforts of those appointed in the parliament to ensure the absence of unnecessary animosity which can prevent discourse on policymaking.