While our country is in the grip of crises, one after the other, the legislators are busy setting new records of farcical dramas and theatrics. Instead of seriously debating on issues and trying to find solutions, our elected representatives behave more like performers in a circus. A recent example is the session held to debate the mini budget or the supplementary bill tabled by the government. While the government is for sure showing its incompetence by tabling one supplementary finance bill after the other, the opposition is more concerned with theatrics than finding a solution. The opposition, instead of debating the bill, resorted to tearing the copies of the bill and performing prayers in front of the speaker’s desk. The media added spice to this incident by constant coverage and highlighting the incident was first of its kind. One is completely perplexed to know whether these were admirable ways to find solutions to problems of the common man, or cheap theatrics to gain some popularity. Similarly, is media just focused on its bottom line of “gain as much as possible by hyping such events” or has some conscience left to behave a bit maturely? I wish good sense prevails among our lawmakers and they debate issues for finding solution of problems faced by citizens, rather than finding faults in each other.


Islamabad, March 8.