LAHORE - PPP’s South Punjab President and former Punjab Governor Makhdum Ahmad Mahmud on Wednesday said that the PTI government was planning to drop a taxation bomb on the masses to overcome the revenue shortfall.

“The Government has plans to increase its revenue collection through heavy taxation on the utility bills and the petroleum products”, he said in a meeting with a select group of journalists at his residence here.

Makhdum said that the government had failed to meet the revenue collection targets; and, in the given situation, it was left with the only option to impose taxes on petrol, gas and electricity.

He said that it was the easiest way for the government to enhance its revenue but it would not be without a backlash. 

The PPP leader from South Punjab predicted that present government will crumble after two years because it had lost its sense of direction. “It will crumble under its own weight”, he remarked.

Ex-governor predicts govt’s downfall in two years

The former Punjab Governor revealed that Imran Khan was brought to power after he gave a commitment to the powers that be that he would set the things right in two years. “But he has disappointed his mentors forcing them to think on other options”, he added. 

Makhdum said that Khan had failed to set the direction for economic growth in the first six months.

The PPP leader also passed some personal remarks about Imran Khan, stating that he lacked magnanimity which should be an essential virtue of a ruler.

“He has no real friends in life. He is a highly selfish person who would never thinks beyond his personal being”, Mehmud said.

Talking about NAB’s decision to prosecute top PPP leadership, Ahmad Mehmud said that Asif Ali Zardari has always been a soft target [of prosecution agencies], but it was not the case with Bilawal Bhutto.

The government, he said, will have to bear the brunt of targeting Bilawal, who, he said, had never been part of any government.

He said that NAB activism may lead to political instability in the country.

“And if there is political instability, there is no economic stability. Both are inter-linked”, he observed. 

Makhdum rejected the idea of a establishing a mini- Secretariat in South Punjab, stating it won’t help resolve people’s problems.

“We want an elected Secretariat there [headed by a Chief Minister]”, he said, adding, that people wanted a separate province to end their sense of deprivation.