ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday lauded courageous remarks of the wife of Naeem Rashid, who embraced martyrdom in Christchurch mosque attack in New Zealand last Friday and said that the remarks depicted the power of Islamic faith.

“For all those within & outside the Muslim world these words of Shaheed Naeem Rashid’s wife should make everyone understand the power of faith in Allah Almighty and Holy Prophet (PBUH)”, the Prime Minister said in a tweet posted on his social media account.

“How this faith in Allah Almighty and His Holy Prophet (PBUH) transforms humans into strong & loving beings who can even feel pity for a terrorist, a mass murderer, who took away their loved ones”, he added.

The wife of Shaheed Naeem Rashid in a television interview said: “I feel like sad for that terrorist and feel pity for him (terrorist) that he did not have love in his heart and had hatred and could not feel the contentment of peace.”

To a question, she said, her husband (Naeem Rashid) was a very brave, loving and humble man, who tried to save the lives of others (during the mosque attack in Christchurch).

“My husband and son gave their lives to save others lives and this is what Allah Almighty wants from us. This (Islam) is a religion of peace and love,” she stated.