ISLAMABAD - Changing its earlier decision regarding the closure of operations of 22 up and down trains from April 1, 2020, as a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of Corona pandemic, Pakistan Railways has notified the suspension of the operations of these trains for an indefinite time from March 25.

Operations of another 12 up and down trains of Pa­kistan Railways will come to a halt from tomorrow (Sunday), spokesman of the Ministry of Railways said.

On Thursday while announcing the government de­cision of closing down the operations of 34 trains, Min­ister for Railways Shaikh Rashid had told the media that currently 134 trains are running across the coun­try and it has been decided that the operations of 34 trains would be closed by April 1.

Initially, it was announced to close down the oper­ations of 12 express trains from March 22 (Sunday) while a special meeting was convened on March 25 for a decision regarding the suspension of the remaining 22 trains from April 1, 2020.

According the spokesman, the 22 trains whose op­erations are being suspended from March 25 include Jinnah Express (Lahore to Karachi to Lahore), Sir Syed Express (Rawalpindi to Karachi), Bolan Mail (Quetta to Karachi), Mohenjo Darro Express (Kotri to Rohri), Thal Express (Rawalpindi to Multan), Marvi Express (between Mirpur Khas and Khokhropar), Musa Pak (between Lahore and Multan), Chenab Express (be­tween Sirgodha and Lala Musa), Summon Sirkar (be­tween Hyderabad and Badeen), Faisalabad Express (between Multan and Faisalabad), and Faisal Express (between Lahore and Faisalabad).