KARACHI         -            A spokesperson of Sindh health department issuing an update on coronavirus cases in the province here on Friday, said 234 people were currently under treatment for coronavirus disease.

The figure shared were said to include 151 pilgrims (from Sindh) who had returned from Iran and were tested positive hence being provided with needed medical assistance at a dedicated center functional in Sukkur.

A total of 302 pilgrims were said to have been transported from Taftan border to Sukkur of whom 151 were tested negative and another 151 found positive with sample of one person being under repeating process.

Besides these pilgrims 86 of the citizens from Karachi and one only from Hyderabad were said to be found positive.

It was from this category that three of the carriers were said to have fully recovered while one succumbed to the infection. Eighty three of these Covid sufferers were cited to be under treatment at government-notifed hospitals of Karachi.