With the global death toll on Saturday approaching 11,500, health officials worldwide announced new cases in coronavirus’ continuing spread.

The country with the highest loss of life due to coronavirus is Italy, where 4,032 people have so far died, after eclipsing China earlier this week.

Mainland China, where the outbreak started last December, was second, with a total of 3,255 people dead.

Iran had the third-highest death toll, with 1,433.

Australia reported that the number of cases of COVID-19 rose to 1,051, with 300 people added to the total in the last 24 hours.

Singapore’s Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said the number of cases in the country rose to 385, and it also claimed the lives of a 75-year-old Singapore woman and a 64-year-old Indonesian.

Morocco’s Health Ministry said the number of cases had risen to 86, including seven people who had recently been abroad.

Morocco on Friday declared a state of emergency over the outbreak.

Paraguay's Health Ministry announced on Twitter that a 69-nine-year old man had died from the virus after treatment in an intensive care unit.

Local media reported that the total cases number of cases in the country was 18.

President Mario Abdo Benitez announced that a quarantine declared for March 10 to April 4 has been extended to April 12.

African states declare 23 deaths of coronavirus

Cape Verde, an African island nation, announced that a 62-year-old British citizen tested positive for the virus after he had a cough, shortness of breath, and high fever.

Cape Verde has halted all international flights until April 9.

In Niger, West Africa, the Health Ministry said that coronavirus was found in a 36-year-old citizen of neighboring Nigeria who had passed through Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

Niger postponed all international meetings in the capital Niamey to stem the outbreak, put all schools including universities on break, suspended international passenger flights, and closed its land borders.

Senegal, in West Africa, also announced that the number of cases rose to 47.

While more than 900 cases of coronavirus have so far been seen on the African continent, 23 of them have resulted in death.

Initial cases in Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea

In central America, Nicaragua announced its second coronavirus case after a person came to the country from nearby Colombia.

James Marape Papua New Guinea's prime minister, also announced the first case of coronavirus after a mineworker came to the country from Spain with a stopover in Singapore.