The government of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) is trying its best to deal with coronavirus as effectively as possible at the current time, without harshly impacting the economy. With the disease making its way to Punjab, the government is now using all means possible to educate the masses and also ensure that there is no mass hysteria guiding the actions of the people at such a grim time in the country.

The government is not just putting out messages on electronic media along with discussions on the management of the issue, it is also taking initiatives to improve awareness via digital and print media as well. In Punjab, the government has advertised the numbers of government organisations that can be alerted if the risk of having the coronavirus emerges. A timely call to the right department can help narrow the number of affectees at a time when resources, monetary support, and hospital staff and equipment are scarce.

At the same time, to provide monetary support to government institutions immediately, an amount of Rs5 billion has been set up to help manage affairs. There are several stories of mismanagement also being reported due to the inexperience of the administration, however.

To help improve the services being offered to the citizens at this time, they must be provided guidance if they are not treated properly or the set government body does not respond in a timely fashion. This is one of those times where the PM Khan’s citizen portal can be very effective in establishing contact with the general public. Along with this, those market places or businesses that cannot be shut down, need to be advised on how to manage their affairs. Along with this, the government needs to be mindful of the services being provided to those living below the poverty line to prevent a mass breakout. For this purpose, the government needs to identify private workers who are willing to volunteer and also help donate to improve and build on the govt’s own efforts. The country is united in its efforts to fight the virus; the government just needs to tap into resources beyond its own, and add to all the positive work it has been doing since the outbreak.