In these testing times, states are making new borders within nation-states; experts and ordinary folks are using the internet to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, the Indian government is still keeping the vale of Kashmir under internet blockade. The world’s unity is incomplete if Kashmir is missing from the collective efforts against coronavirus. And Kashmiris cannot join the fight if India does not restore high-speed internet in the valley and end the lockdown.

The residents of Kashmir are missing out on all critical information and developments that one needs to know about coronavirus, its spread and the strategy to curb it. Pakistan, nevertheless, has again called on India to lift the communication blockade when coronavirus has already reached the valley.

Besides, the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Special Rapporteurs’ opinion is not different in this regard. According to the statement of the body, “Human health … also depends on access to accurate information about the nature of the threats and the means to protect oneself, one’s family, and one’s community.”

The world needs to remember that Modi’s India can further curtail the flow of crucial information regarding coronavirus in the valley in the days to come. The purpose of doing so will be to initiate a benign genocide. This must not go unnoticed, primarily when the transnational, well-respected group Genocide Watch has already raised concerns over the genocidal intent of the occupation apparatus.

What is needed is the global support to Pakistan’s demand from the Indian government to lift the lockdown in Kashmir. This was a humanitarian issue before, and it further exacerbates with the entry of the virus in the valley. The international community must pressurise the Indian government to restore high-speed internet connectivity in the region immediately so that Kashmiris can use virtual technologies to their maximum potential to alleviate the dreadful impact of this virus.