Recently I had a chance to visit IBN-e-Seena Hospital, situated in Block-6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Main University Road (Next to Institute of Industrial Electronic Engineering) Karachi. The hospital is reasonably sized and consists of ground plus three floors.

However I was shocked to see that its emergency department was ill equipped and had just one single doctor sitting there. The emergency department was devoid of facilities like cardiac, orthopedic, crash area etc and can barely cater to those suffering from cough or flu. Upon a query that what happens if a critical patient is brought here, the response from the duty doctor came that it is referred to another hospital. Those vital minutes lost in shifting from one place to another can contribute towards the saving the life of the patient. Upon my further query I was asked to refer to the administration. The management in an apparent insatiable lust for making money had even carved out a spectacles shop out of the emergency department.

We have a lost Nishwa and Amal Umar to these ill equipped hospitals but yet these sad incidents fail to raise an eye brows amongst the rulers. It has become a hallmark of callous and inept Sindh Government that they prefer to live in an illusion that all is well. A sad incident generates a response only which settles down like quick sand.

Can the concerned authorities take appropriate action against IBN-e-Seena Hospital situated in Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi for having a small and ill equipped emergency department or this thing would also be left for the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a suo moto when another precious life would be lost.