PESHSAWAR - The Provincial Development Work­ing Party (PDWP) has approved 16 projects with an estimated cost of Rs. 6940.765 million, including Ur­ban Development, Health, Roads, Transport, Local Government and Multi-Sectoral Development sec­tors for the uplift of the province.

The approval was given at a meeting held under the chairman­ship of Shakeel Qadir, Additional Chief Secretary P&D Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa here on Thursday.

The approved projects of the ur­ban development sector include construction of bus terminals fruit & vegetable markets parks traffic management public toilets sports facilities parking places and beauti­fication in selected urban: sub head: construction of taxi stand at Taro Khel Durba Khel, district Mohmand.

Peshawar Uplift Programme Sub Head: Improvement of Green Belt along with Railway 1 from KTH emergency gate to Kushal Khan Khattak Road at University Town Peshawar.

Construction of Detour Road Hayatabad remaining portion (Land and Construction Cost).

The projects in health sector are: Public Private Partnership for op­erationalization of model hospital Sholam, SWA; construction of Mas­jid & Accommodation for Examin­ers at Saidu Medical College, Swat (Self Finance Project).

Provision of standard medical equipment/non-medical equip­ment at secondary hospitals.

Home Sector projects include ac­quisition of land for heavy firing range adjacent to elite police train­ing center Nowshera. Purchase of land for construction of police lines Dagger District Buner.

Roads & Bridges Sector projects are F/S, Design, Improvement / Widening & BT of Ranyal to Chichloo Road (10 Km), Shangla while.