ISLAMABAD                -             The Royal Family ‘will be talking daily with their medical team’ amid the coronavirus pandemic, a former Royal doctor has claimed. Dr Anna Hemming, from The Cranley Clinic, who spent seven years as resident in-house doctor at Buckingham Palace, has revealed how the virus will be impacting The Firm - including the Queen, 93, and Prince Philip, 98. ‘Clearly, members of the Royal Family are in high risk groups - not just over 70 but over 90 years old too,’ she said in an interview. ‘I believe the family will be talking daily with their medical team and taking all reasonable precautions, particularly for the Duke of Edinburgh who we are all aware is the most fragile member of the Royal Family. This includes isolating if they’re feeling unwell with a temperature or cough and if someone in the household is unwell too,’ she explained.