On 17 February 2020, an article was published in Pakistan Today and the writer criticised the level of English papers of CSS 2020 written examination. As a CSS aspirant and as I have written a number of articles in different newspapers, I would like to answer the author.

Firstly, the author said that the essay paper contained only 1 topic which was difficult to discuss which was regarding literature and the remaining were easy. The author forgot that another topic of literature was also among essays which was regarding freedom of speech and it was not easy to be understood, it was a quotation and the aspirants were supposed to crack it. Other topics were regarding democracy, Kashmir issue, foreign policy, IMF bailout packages, digitalisation and women universities as an agent of change. The topics seem easy but it’s definitely not the case. The essay on IMF and digitalisation were pure argumentative. It (IMF) could only be attempted if the candidate had proper knowledge regarding economy of Pakistan. Digitalisation is still in progress and the tile of essay was, Is Pakistan ready for digitalisation? The candidate also required proper knowledge for it regarding hurdles in front of digitalisation and how other countries are digitalised.

Moreover, the essay on Women education was the most sensitive one. The domain was contained to education and the candidate was asked to write an essay of 2500 words. Its not a piece of cake. Similarly, the essay on Foreign Policy and Future of Kashmir cause could only be attempted by those who had proper command on the critical situation of Kashmir and foreign policy. Even those who attempted the essay on Kashmir cause, they were supposed to have proper knowledge of history of Kashmir conflict. Lastly, the essay on democracy was never going to be easy. This was the toughest essay on democracy. It can be compared to those essays that hit the last papers.

The author also criticised the Precis and Composition paper. But the author did not know that the same pattern has been followed by the FPSC since 2015? The date sheet was a nightmare for the students. Thousands of candidates left the papers in the middle. It’s not easy to attempt 12 papers in 6 days.