LARKANA   -   A 22-member delegation of professors from various universities of Hungary led by Prof Lazla arrived at the ancient site of Mohenjo Daro on Saturday to find similarities in civilisations.

The delegation included six men and 16 women. Prof Lazla said that they had come here to find the similarity between Mohenjo Daro’s civilisation and that of Egypt and Iraq’s ancient civilisation after the research work carried on both. He said that research work done on Egypt’s ancient civilisations on Mesopotamia and the civilised civilisations of Iraq was based on Mohenjo Daro’s research and they wanted to see what is the similarity between these historical civilisations of ancient times. He said that in ancient times the civilisations of Iraq and Egypt were found to have a lot of similarities, and that all three civilisations are of contemporary period, which is why research shows that these civilisations had a similar relationship at that time. He said these civilisations need to be investigated further for knowledge of today’s world. The distinguished foreign delegation of researchers later departed for Soomro Safari Park after visiting the historical world heritage cultural monuments of Mohenjo Daro.