LAHORE - Supreme Court judge Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday has said that today Pakistan is passing through a very sensitive phase, while some people sitting on top slots are bent upon disturbing the system by creating hindrance in the way of justice for vested interests. If the individuals sitting on key posts failed to play their role today or they acted for their personal gains and continued to tread on path of corruption, they will be remembered as culprit of the nation in the history, Justice Ramday warned, referring to some elements which, he viewed, were hindrance in smooth working of institutions. He was addressing a condolence reference held here at the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on condole the death of three bar member in which the judges of the Supreme Court and Lahore High Court participated and paid rich tributes to the departed souls. Paying tribute to the deceased Raza Farooq, former attorney general of Pakistan and Supreme Court lawyer, Justice Ramday said Raza Farooq was honest and decent person throughout his life who never compromised on principles. Justice Ramday maintained that corruption had gripped the country from top to the bottom and those on the top slots are more corrupt and if the same practice of vested interests continued we will be nowhere in the world in the comity of nations. The deceased lawyers included BA Fakhri, Wali Muhammad Chaudhry, Abdul Rashid Malik and Raza Farooq. Supreme Court judge Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday, Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, president LHCBA Mian Abdul Qudus and others expressed their condolences for these lawyers. Later fateha was offered for departed souls.