LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has directed the federal government through the office of attorney general to produce in the court on May 27 the notification of presidential pardon to Interior Minister Rehman Malik. Justice Ijaz Ahmed Cha-udhry passed the order on a petition filed by Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi, media advisor of the Save Judiciary Committee, through Barrister Farooq Hassan against remission of sentence of Rehman Malik by President Asif Ali Zardari under Article 45 of the Constitution. In a crowed courtroom, Barrister Farooq Hassan pleaded the presidential remission granted to Mailk was made in violation of the set procedure for such a pardon or remission under the constitution. Later, Deputy Attorney General Naveed Inayat Malik sought three-week time for submitting the notification. However, the judge rejected his request straightaway and ordered him to bring the said notification on May 27. Barrister Farooq took a plea if someone was convicted in any court he had right to file appeal plea against his sentence in the Supreme Court (SC) and if his petition was not heard in the apex court or decision was given against him then he could file mercy appeal with the president. The petitioner pleaded Rehman Malik had not approached the SC in this connection. It was possible the apex court would have set aside the decision of the high court had he moved the SC. Rehman Malik took hasty step and did not file any mercy appeal with the president, he added. The president on the other hand pardoned the sentence of Rehman Malik on political basis, he submitted. He prayed to the court to restore the sentence immediately which had been pardoned by the president. Rehman Malik was a guilty person and he had committed a crime and his offence could not be quashed by any law, he added. It was also laid down in the petition that Article 45 of the constitution had been abused by the president for pardoning the conviction of Rehman Malik and even legal formalities were not met. The president had exercised his power after the restoration of the conviction by the high court, therefore, the remission granted by the president be nullified, the petitioner requested.