ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court full bench will start hearing petitions filed against 18th Amendment from May 24. Notices, in this concern, have been issued to all the four provincial governments. However, the Punjab government has not yet been able to decide whether the 18th Amendment is to be defended or opposed. Advocate General Punjab Kh Haris, who is going to appear in the court on behalf of the Punjab government, has started preparing the case in constitutional perspective but still it is to be decided whether the case is to be pleaded in favour of the petition or against it. A high-level deliberation is going on in this regard and it is very likely that the Punjab govt will prefer to leave it to the court to decide rather than taking a clear stance on the matter. Whatever be decided by the court with reference to judicial commission, will be accepted, is likely to be the Punjab govts point of view. However, the other three provincial governments are expected to follow the stance of the federal government. It is pertinent to note here that in NRO case the three provincial governments, other than the Punjab govt, had supported the federal govt stance that NRO would not be defended, whereas the Punjab govt had taken a different plea that NRO should be declared unconstitutional. This time too, a different stance is expected from Punjab govt side.