KHYBER AGENCY - AHMAD NABI   - All the arrangements have been finalised at Torkham for expected resumption of Nato supplies for the forces stationed in Afghanistan.

On the condition of anonymity, a custom staffers at Torkham custom office said that besides inter-staff meetings, a gathering has been convened with administration, clearing agents union and other concerned departments. He added that proposals have been forward regarding resumption of Nato supply. “We are 100 per cent ready to face a tsunami of the supply in terms of personnel, parking, speeding of clearance and processes. Clear directions have been received from high officials to be prepared, besides deploying relevant custom officials, sharing problems in advance and making coordination with other authorities concerned.”  To a query, the official said that to avoid traffic mess, the administration had been requested to release 400-500 Nato supply vehicles in addition to other 800-1000 transit transport vehicles and private traffic from Takhta Baig check post of Jamrud.

It is important to mention here that Nato supply has been halted by the government since the Nato attacked Salala check post and killed 24 Pakistani troopers.