ISLAMABAD  – CNG shortage has indirectly added to the problems of the commuters in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as most of the public transporters do not complete their routes owing to CNG load shedding.

The commuters have to pay double fare, as they have to change more than one vehicle get to their destination.

In addition, most of the public transport disappears from the roads of the twin cities during the days of gas loadshedding.

Overloading the vehicles is a common practice, as the vehicles on route are lesser in number than the actual requirement of the commuters.

As a result, they have to wait long for the right wagon of the respective route, taking them hours of travel to reach offices or homes.

Students, women and patients are particularly affected by such state of affairs. 

The District administration announced this week to take drastic measures and to change the scenario but in vain. Traffic police also seems helpless before the public transporters.

It says that traffic police can take action only against traffic violations and has no control over issues related to public transport.