LAHORE - Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Awami Muslim League (AML) chief while alleging the ruling coalition for appointing thieves and hoodlums to head all the national institutions remarked on how a convicted Prime Minister can run the affairs of the country.

Addressing a public meeting on Sunday, he warned the ruling alliance of a bloody revolution if the next elections would be rigged.

He asked that the national security institutions to ensure fair and transparent general elections by playing their role.

Rasheed alleged that the convicted Prime Minister has made a long-term plan along with his family to plunder the country further.

AML chief showed surprise that a bicycle thief was in jail for 22 months and a national plunderer got only 30-second sentence.

He asked the superior judiciary to take notice of those decisions.

He appealed to the people of Lahore to rise against the corrupt rulers', injustice, target killing and lawlessness to save the country by sending the current government home.

Rasheed accused the government of damaging all the profitable national institutions, which include the PIA, Railways and the Steel Mills.