RAWALPINDI  - Encroachments in the busiest areas of the city are causing worst traffic mess and blockade of paths.

The encroachment mafia has occupied the areas by establishing stalls across the road, which is creating inconvenience for the transporters and the pedestrians. 

All the encroachers have established their business by placing stalls in front of the shops. Presently several illegal stalls, including Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Utensils, Artificial Jewelry, Carpets stalls have been established.  The stalls are set up in Trunk Bazaar, Bara Market, Talwaran Bazaar, Sabzi Mandi, Moti Bazaar, Faizabad, 6th Road and Raja Bazaar.

“Vendors and their stalls are hampering the smooth traffic flow and causing road accidents,” said a local resident.


“With the convincing of concerned authorities, encroachers have setup illegal structures in all the areas of Pindi, causing inconveniences to commuters”, a resident Ajmal Khan said.

Residents, transporters and civil society demanded of higher authorities to take action against the encroachments in various areas of the city.