Disturbing reports are being received from the Indian-held Kashmir where 400 children have died in one of the hospitals in less than four months. The basic reason, according to their parents was lack of equipment and maltreatment on the part of the hospital staff. Meanwhile the political leadership has accused the puppet regime already engaged in arresting those fighting for liberation of their land from the clutches of Indian occupation forces. These leaders rightly accused the Indian and the state government of pursuing racist policies. What is alarming is that this is not the only incident. Last year mass graves were discovered where a large number of freedom fighter were buried after being slaughtered by the Indian army. One wonders where are the champions of human rights? Why all international organisations watching the situation in held Kashmir are acting as though they were silent spectators? But what is shameful is that while India has been unleashing atrocities against the un-armed and innocent Kashmiri people, our government is taking measures to please India. Granting India with the status of most favoured nation and allowing it the land route facility in the name of Afghan Transit Trade Agreement, we are giving away more than what is required while India is sticking to its oft-repeated stance that Kashmir is its integral part. It is simply not willing to discuss it at any forum. What is further disturbing is the guilty silence of our foreign office which has now stopped even protesting over grisly human rights violations by the Indian forces. We must not display such indifference. We still owe a lot to our Kashmiri brethren.