At least four militants were killed and several others injured in clashes with security forces here in Bara on Monday. One volunteer of peace committee was also killed in the fire exchange.

According to details, the security forces along with volunteers of peace committee, conducted search operation against militants in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency.

During forward movement of troops in different areas of Tirah valley, the militants resisted and attacked the troops killing a volunteer of peace committee which led to heavy exchange of fire.

In retaliatory fire four militants were killed while several others were injured.

It should be mentioned that Tirah valley of Khyber Agency has remained in the grip of armed militants and hundreds of them have been killed and dozen of security personnel and members of peace committee were martyred in clashes during last few years.

However the strategically important Tirah Valley has remained under the control of the militants.  Most of the militants after their acts of terrorism shift to Tirah valley to escape from the law enforcement agencies.