SIALKOT - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan on Sunday targeted both the PPP and PML-N over pro-US policies and pledged to halt Nato supplies at all costs if reopened by the rulers.

He urged the masses to get ready to resist the resumption of Nato supplies, terming it as a matter of national integrity and honour.

JI Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan was addressing a youth convention here in Sialkot.

The Jamaat organised the convention to motivate the youth to come forward and play their vital role at this critical juncture the country is passing through.

He pointed out that the restoration of Nato supplies would be a slap in the face of the parliament and the nation.

The Jamaat ameer claimed that the government had succumbed to the US pressure and decided to restore Nato supplies despite the fact that Washington did not yield to Islamabad’s demands for an apology on Salala attack and end to drone attacks. “Now patriotic people would have to rise to block the supplies and uphold the nation’s dignity,” he stressed.

Syed Munawar questioned the worth of the government’s claim about the supremacy of the parliament when its unanimously adopted resolutions were being given little weight by the US. He said the government itself was by-passing the parliament to please Washington.

The rulers who have been trampling the Supreme Court verdict and parliament’s resolutions, are pushing the country into chaos and putting the country’s solidarity and independence at risk,” he argued.

Earlier, talking to the newsmen at Sambrial and Sialkot, Syed Munawar added that the PPP government had pushed the country into a dark cave of backwardness, chaos, inflation and poverty.

Due to imprudent policies of the government, the masses are suffering price hike, worst gas and electricity load shedding, lawlessness and unemployment. On the other hand, the convicted prime minister and his cabinet have been enjoying aimless foreign tours and a lavish life at the cost of hard-earned public wealth.

He condemned the government policies, saying the rulers were least bothering to mitigate the sufferings of the masses. The corrupt rulers are unable to solve the public problems as they were only busy in looting national exchequer.

He asked the people to stand up against the corrupt rulers as there were unable to overcome the crises. He strongly criticized the government willingness to reopen Nato supplies.

JI Ameer alleged that the two major parties remained under American umbrella and instead of focusing on the country’s vital interests they gave top priorities to their own objectives. Both the PPP and PML-N always welcomed the American nod in all affairs  and leaders of the two parties followed the Washington wink blindly in a hope to strengthen their grip over the power, he said, adding that they never realized that their policies had weaken their motherland and pushed it into the quagmire of crisis.

Jamaat-e-Islami would never allow the reopening of Pakistan’s border at Torkhum and Chamman for resumption of supply to American-led forces in Afghanistan, the JI ameer declared.