PESHAWAR - SAID ALAM KHAN - To discuss as to how war could be gotten rid of and peace could be restored on Pakhtuns’ soil, a two-day ‘grand jirga’ will be held on May 29-30 at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar.

Irrespective of who is what and who follows what political ideology, delegates of eminent writers, social workers, scholars and intelligentsia from Afghanistan, Fata, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will participate in the jirga. Veteran nationalist and ANP’s central leader Afzal Khan Lala has convened the jirga, which will basically seek a permanent solution to Afghan crisis and peace in tribal areas of Pakistan as thousands of Pakhtuns and Afghans had been killed during Afghan war and now war against terrorism.

According to Afzal Khan Lala, the two super powers - the US and USSR - wanted to defeat each other, but unfortunately they used Afghan soil instead of facing each other in the US or USSR. It was actually their game and Afghans had nothing to do with either of the two. “Why they made Afghanistan the battlefield of their rivalry and killed three million Pakhtuns?”

The speakers in the jirga would shed light and debate why Pakhtuns’ land has been the theatre of war for the last three decades and what they could do to stop Pakhtuns’ bloodshed. They would present a true picture of Pakhtuns to the world that they were not terrorists.

To finalise arrangements for the jirga, a meeting was held with Abdul Latif Afridi Advocate in the chair. Representatives of different political parties, writers, intellectuals, poets, labourers, lawyers, trade unionists and tribal elders both from FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa participated in the meeting.

On this occasion, different committees were constituted, which included media committee comprising Aimal Khattak, Liaqat Amin, Hamidur Rahman nadan, Mohammad Nisar, Shakil Waheedullah, and Seerat; Reception Committee Riaz Khattak, Abdul Wahid Afridi, Mian Mushtaq, Ajmal Mashokhiel, Malik Luqman, Ashraf Dawar and Aimal Khattak; Food Committee Khalid Ayub, Qaisar Khan, Management Committee Abdul Latif Afridi Advocate, Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Shahab Khattak advocate, Iqbal Khaiberwal, Faridun and Asir Mangal, Office committee Faridun, Shakil Wahidullah, Qaisar Khan advocate and Dr Haroon. The participants of the meeting appreciated veteran politician Mohammad Afzal Khan Lala for hosting the jarga.