ISLAMABAD - Coming down hard on Interior Minister Rehman Malik, President Ulema-Mashiakh Wing Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Pir Sahibzada Fiazul Hassan Sultan has said that to appease his masters Rehman was implicating Sharif brothers in false cases and hence reviving the politics of victimization and vendetta in the country.

Addressing a meeting organized in connection with the reorganization of the Ulema-Maskaikh Wing of the party and later talking to media persons, Pir Sultan made it loud and clear that in the past too all such efforts had bounced back and not even a single case was proved against Sharif brothers; this time too Rehman Malik would fail in his nefarious designs and would only earn a bad name for PPP.

Dubbing Rehman Malik as Interior Minister of his foreign masters, Faizul Hassan said that the persons whose loyalty with the state is questionable could not serve the motherland and charged that he himself was busy grinding his own axe by striving to fraudulently secure a share in the Rs 30 billion LNG import plan in the name of his son and for achieving this end he had hired the services of a former federal secretary petroleum.

He further said that everybody knew the background of Rehman Malik and his story of becoming billionaire and regretted that such person, whose loyalty was for their foreign masters and not for the state of Pakistan, was working on such an important post.