Ajay Kumar in his above titled letter has listed the many natural resources the country is blessed with i.e. coal, copper, gold and gas but does not think that water is a resource. Then he lists the area under cultivation, lists the largest irrigation network in the world, lists all the cash crops and fruits and vegetables, but still no mention of water. Will the largest irrigation network of the world remain the largest irrigation network of the world without water? There already is a 24 percent shortage of water for Kharif and up to 40 percent for Rabi. Our total preoccupation with loadshedding has blinded us to the menace of “foodshedding”. Because of food inflation 12 of 18 crore people are forced to spend all their income on purchase of food. This has pushed 40 percent (8 crore) people below the poverty line compared to 27 percent (5 crore) in 2008. 11 of 18 crore people have been reduced to less than two meals per day. Please do not forget to mention water shortage when mentioning power shortage. The editorial staff should look out for any such omission.


Lahore, May 18.