KHUDIAN KHAS - Prolonged and unscheduled loadshedding has hit the agriculture and other sectors hard besides paralysing routine life across the region.

The residents of rural area of Khudian Khas are spending sleepless nights due to long electricity loadshedding making their lives miserable. Sheikh Muhammad Haneef, a resident of village Bulandi Hathar, said that his family had spent several sleepless nights owing to power disruption. “Electricity just come for a few minutes and went for four to five hours especially during night and afternoon, he added.

Long outages have halted work in small industries, commercial centres and seized trade activities leaving hundreds of employees jobless. Agriculture sector was also suffering due to shortage of water caused by loadshedding.

The corn crop is at danger due to severe water shortage as most of middle class farmers are unable to afford diesel engines for an alternative water source. The common men are also perturbed because mercury has started rising.